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What is the length deviation of the fine rolled nut?

1, length

The fine rolled nut is usually delivered at a fixed length, and the exact delivery length should be stated in the contract;

The steel bar can be rolled and delivered. Each plate should be a steel bar. It is allowed to have 5 % of the number of discs per batch(less than two plates can be used) consisting of two steel bars. Its weight and diameter shall be determined by consultation between supply and demand parties.

2, length allowed deviation

The length of the steel bar at the time of delivery according to the fixed ruler must not be greater than ± 25 mm;

When the smaller length is required, the deviation is +50 mm;

When larger lengths are required, the deviation is -50mm.

3, bending degree and end of the steel bar end should be shear integrity, local deformation should not affect the use.

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