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Analysis on the Causes of Damage of High Strength Bolts

High strength fasteners to explain the main cause of thread fastener damage loose:

After the fastener is loose, it will produce huge kinetic energy. This kinetic energy directly affects the fasteners and equipment, causing the fastener to be damaged. The equipment can not work properly, and further causes the equipment to be damaged.

At present, the effective anti-loosening method is the loosening method of Down thread fasteners.

Down thread has the characteristics of both left-handed and right-handed threads.

Use two different spiral nuts when connecting. The nut on the work support surface is called the fastening nut, and the nut on the backhoe face is called the fastening nut. Tighten the fastening nut first and lock the nut before use.

In the case of vibration and impact, the fastening nut will have a loosening tendency. However, since the loosening direction of the fastening nut is the tightening direction of the fastening nut, the tightening of the fastening nut prevents the loosening of the fastening nut, resulting in the fastening nut. Can not loosen.

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