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How to see the quality of the combined screws

When we manufacture and order combination screws, we often say that the combination screws are of good quality. So how to see the quality of combination screw is high quality? The following is a simple introduction to the standard parts of the car:

The quality of the combined screw starts with the screw wire material of the combined screw manufacturer. The wire of the screw is the first level to determine the quality of the combined screw. The wire is not good. Even if the production equipment is advanced and the staff technology is excellent, it can not produce high-quality combination screws.

The quality of the combined screw product is viewed from the overall beauty of the combined screw. A combined screw is formed, the head size of the screw, the appearance of the flat pad is superior, and the screw tooth thread can not pass through the stop gauge and so on. All of this needs to be detected. A good combination of screws, the overall standard can meet the requirements of the standard, or customer requirements.

Look at the quality of the combined screw product is from the electroplating color, iron combined screw of course needs electroplating, but stainless steel combined screw does not need. Some is passivation, in order to increase the stainless steel combined screw salt mist. Combination screw electroplating, some do not control well, will produce a large color difference. That wouldn't look good.

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